The Future of Illumination

The Wireless Road Lamp (WRL) is basically electromagnetic induction powered wireless bulbs. Both the bulbs and the feeding procedure of these are proprietary systems and with exclusive license of exploitation and development of TESLEC NORTE S.L

The feeder of a WRL is a simple cable buried beneath the pavement. This cable is therefore concealed, protected and out of any possibility of contact with the exterior of the track.

Installation is very simple. Simply make a groove in the pavement along the route where we want to place wireless bulbs. It does not matter the length of the section of track that we want to signal, or the number of lamps to be placed. A cable is inserted into the groove and the final sealing is completed, filling the groove with silica, asphalt or other suitable cement or material.

The installation is simplified much more if the launching of the cable is made during the construction of the section to be paved, since in that case it is enough to extend it prior to the placement of the last layer of the firm.

The wiring thus extended by the section to be marked is connected to the specific power signal generator (GSA12, patented) that TESLEC NORTE S.L. Manufactures for that purpose. This generator is powered by a simple 12/24 / 48VDC power supply such as we can find in any office printer or personal computer.