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Roads, Crosswalks, Swimming Pools, Ports, Fountains ...


Researchers, technicians & installers

Teslec is a company that, in addition to developing wirelessly powered luminaires, is responsible for the assembly process of the same and the installation in the places that request us and require efficient and safe lighting.

Our technology allows us to quickly install even in places where conventional technology becomes inefficient and high cost, as in ports, sea areas, swimming pools, roads...

By getting rid of the contacts between the power supply and the bulbs, maintenance costs are reduced. In addition, each bulb is isolated from the others and from the power supply itself. This makes a failure in one of the elements does not endanger others so the repair becomes easier.


Inroad Lamps

The wireless power system allows locations with adverse conditions for the operation of electronic devices not to be inconvenient due to the absence of physical contacts.


The most suitable design for each case

Our lamps are watertight and waterproof (IP68), but the design of them is not something fixed. Instead, in each installation we adapt our lamps so that they fit and match with the surroundings.

Ports and Docks

Salt-proof, rough weather, shocks ...

The conditions of salt, rain or shocks are no longer inconvenient due to the independence of the source from the lamps.


Whatever outdoor illumination required

The future of our technology is not isolated to a few examples of application, but can unleash its full potential in most lighting installations, both outdoor and indoor. This will have a range of possibilities where we can include our systems and avoid all the issues that present electrical contacts.