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Frecuently Asked Questions

What is wireless power transfer?

The transmission of wireless energy is a type of energy transmission that occurs when there is no physical contact between two points through which you want to transmit that energy. In the case of electromagnetic induction, variable magnetic fields are used to produce this effect, just as transformers do.

Is wireless power transmission dangerous?

Teslec uses a frequency and low power that is not able to have any effect in the human body. In addition it concerns the current regulations on wireless power transmission in a frequency range between 5-130KHz.

Can conventional installations be adapted to work using the technology of wireless power transfer?

Yes, depending on each installation can be used more or less, but can usually retrofit a conventional installation greatly reducing installation costs and materials.

What is the consumption of this system?

The consumption of the lamps installed by Teslec is very small, more than that of conventional LED lamps, and this is because our devices do not incorporate any electronic driver or driver circuit, which allows us to reach consumptions of up to 2Watt per Every 15 lamps (this figure may vary depending on the type of installation)

How far can the inductor cable from the lamps be?

In principle, in the installations that Teslec has done, the cables are placed from 2 to 20cm (1-8inch) of the lamps. However if the installation requires more distance, it can reach greater distances, and can cross walls up to 50cm (20inch) or more.