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The future of Illumination

It is already a reality, after years of research and rigorous and intensive test of operation, the Wireless Bulb or Wireless Road Lamp (WRL) is already on the market. The new Wireless Road Lamp ® is ready to light and dazzle thanks to its innovative patented wireless power technology.


Lamps powered from a hidden cable, without contacts..

Wireless lighting is a technology that will revolutionize the lighting market in the near future, as it enables the use of light bulbs in places where at the present time is considered impossible to implement (due to the high electrical risk implicit in the use of wiring connections). Scenarios like ponds, aquariums or swimming pools, no longer have problems with wireless power, since the "feeder cable" can be outside the vessel, and the lamp inside it (watertight due to absence of cable connections).

In the case of road signaling, its main application is as an asphalt lamp, since, in any case, there are no visible cables abled to generate an electrical accident or short circuit in the line, or a spark causing an incident due to the fuel spilled on the pavement.

Our PATENTS IN WIRELESS ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS allow us to be the spearhead in the implementation of this technology. Some of the places where our technology already works are roads, decorative fountains and harbors. Fully safe, No electrical risk



The wireless power system allows secure electrical installations in locations with adverse conditions due to the absence of physical contacts.



The lamps are watertight and waterproof (IP68) because there are no holes in his cases for wiring connections



The bad conditions (salt dropped, ice, rain, etc) are no longer inconvenient due to the independence between lamps and power source